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How it Works

Welcome to Apartment Therapy Classifieds!

We’ve partnered up with to give you the finest hyperlocal classifieds dedicated to people who are serious about their furniture and homes. A fun, friendly and safe place to connect with your neighbors for local and in-person commerce.

Your listings will appear on our website and on
All members have the chance to be featured on our homepage.

Hiw Map

Hyperlocal, curiously global

See what’s around you, discover local flavor. Dip into another neighborhood in another city and see what they have to offer locally. Travel to another country and uncover local treasures you can’t find at home.

Apartment Therapy Classifieds puts you at the center of your stomping grounds and displays what's at your doorstep, while giving you the ability to expand your search to Planet Earth.

Hiw Phone

Krrbin' on the go

Krrb on your iPhone or iPod gives you seamless mobile access to Apartment Therapy Classifieds. See what’s around you while walking down the street. Contact sellers with a tap and create listings in a snap. Access your pick, manage your listings and stay on top of your inbox messages on the go.

Hiw Weekly

Be the first to know

Stay in touch with your neighbors by getting a weekly digest of listings near you – right to your inbox. Nothing new around you? Then no email. Tons of stuff around you? You’ll get a random sampling of listings nearest to you.

Hiw Newsletter

Neighborly love

Check out the Krrb blog and sign up for our award-winning newsletter for exclusive stories, how tos, tips and news on the culture of secondhand, handmade and local living.