Unique Persian Oriental Rug Runner. REDUCED







Unique Persian Oriental Rug Runner. REDUCED

Unique Persian Oriental Rug (Kashan design I believe) with light blue, navy and salmon colored accents. Was given to me by wealthy relative last year who is no longer alive and I can’t quite remember the full description they gave me! It’s a beautiful, hand-tufted rug that I was told they paid $2,000+ for, but it just doesn’t suit our home decor (as much as I’ve tried)

9’ 11" L x 2’9" W (without fringe). Fringe measures just under 2" on each end. We are pet free and bug free, but I would probably give the rug a good steaming for minor wear and a few small dirt stains.- 917.455.6198

$250 cash. Reduced from original asking price of $400

I can deliver in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn for any extra $30, although rolled up it is easy to transport on train. Located in Sunnyside, Queens – 15 min from Grand Central on 7 Train

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