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Lithographic Print Sets - Disegni di Michelangelo

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$350 Each



Lithographic Print Sets - Disegni di Michelangelo

The value of this portfolio collection, consisting of fourteen fine quality “Rusticus” lithographic prints of Michelangelo’s original drawings, lies in their remarkable resemblance in quality and appearance to the Master’s originals. The prints are so well rendered that the Michelangelo Buonarroti Museum in Florence exhibits the portfolio replicas to the public, instead of the precious and extremely fragile originals. Six prints out of the portfolio emanate from that museum. Others in the portfolio are on display within the Louvre, the British Museum and the Metropolitan, among others.

The prints were reproduced in a very sophisticated process by a well-respected and renowned lithographer, Mr. Amilcare Pizzi. His process began by obtaining permission from the involved world museums, then creating a plate through an exact lithography and then making the final exactly scaled prints utilizing paper called rusticus, very similar in appearance and quality to the actual old parchment originals.

This portfolio was originally produced and distributed in a limited edition through the former Italian mail order catalogue company, ICIM & PBS There are 12 plates of dimensions 12 1/4 by 17 inches and 2 plates of 17 by 24 1/2, all sepia toned and enclosed in an elegantly embossed Portfolio. Well-known art historian Mario Monteverdi has written an eight-page text. The portfolio is a fitting tribute in its execution and beauty to Michelangelo’s great draughtsmanship. It is as painstakingly close to the priceless originals as possible.

This limited, and no longer produced, collection is now owned by an art dealer, who brought the collection to New York City, where they are currently housed and ready for immediate distribution. They would enhance any home, office or work environment and are also an artistic investment of some merit.

All reproductions are on 17" by 12 1/4" paper except VII and XII which are on 25 1/2" by 17" paper. The reproductions are all to original scale except XII. Dimensions are for the actual image.

Authentication statement available upon request. Discount for the sale of the entire collection or multiple sets.

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