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This completely new, never used unit (in its original box) is easily one of the most stylish espresso machines on the market. Made of die-cast aluminum with a chromed finish, has a 15-bar pump for quick extraction and a fast startup time for the built-in heating elements. The machine pulls two shots at a time, either through fresh packed grounds or pods, and has an attached steam wand for frothing milk, a process which is helped along by the easy-to-read gauge in the front of the machine that clearly marks the appropriate temperature ranges for pulling shots and steaming milk. All internal parts are Italian made and the most important parts are made inside the BUGATTI GROUP All fittings are in Brass; the best material that can be used for Espresso Coffee machines. The Pump is an ULKA pump 15bar; ULKA is the best Italian company specializing in Pumps and is also the best quality you can find in the market today.
Diva is like no other single serve machine available. She is manufactured in Italy, designed by Andreas Seegat, can handle ESE pods such as those available from or you can use regular ground espresso beans.
Diva combines sexy style with excellent performance. You can brew rich, full bodied espresso with a great crema.
Your perfect espresso is made with the push of a button. Diva provides the ideal water temperature, high brewing pressure and brief extraction time, accomplished by internal heating elements and a powerful 15 bar pump system.
A pressure gauge marked with “coffee” and “steam” readings, indicates when machine is ready for your desired function. To steam milk for lattes or cappuccinos, simply select the frothing option and the built-in frother steams the milk.

Product Features, Details & Specifications:
Color: Chrome
• Complete NEW — Never used (in original box).
• 15-bar pump espresso machine with stylish, modern design
• Makes 1 or 2 cups at a time; steam wand for frothing milk
• Accommodates both ground coffee and coffee pods
• Temperature gauge; brass fittings; integrated water tank; cup warmer
• The best Italian tradition with famous Italian styling
• Stainless Steel Cup Warming Plate
• Filter Holder for Coffee Grounds plus Filter Holder for Espresso Pods(Holds 7gram standard pods such as ILLY pods)
• Filter for Espresso plus Filter for Two Espressos at Once
• Integrated Water Tank
ULKA 15 Bar Pump & Brass Fittings
• 100% Italian Made
• Material: Die Cast Aluminum and Brass
• Boiler capacity: 250 mL
• Dimensions: 14 1/4" H x 9 1/2" W
• Weight: 14.3 pounds

Additional Product Description:{47}Coffee-Maker%3A-Available-in-chrome-or-red

Paid $1,299.00 — Giving it away for only $550.

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