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Shiny Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold Hand Industrial CLOSED - The time has passed

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Shiny Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold Hand Industrial

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Beautiful fully glazed glove molds made by General Porcelain (now defunct) of Trenton, New Jersey are a wonderful piece of industrial history. Originally used in molding of latex gloves. Most were made in 1987 and were rescued from overstock storage of a glove mold factory on the West Coast—as the owner was using them for “Crush and Run”. These beauties have been “saved” and are here for the taking.

Great for display in your home, adorning with vintage jewels or objects, or for fun at Halloween. As they are fully glazed, they will be shiny. There will be no cracks, but some may show evidence of their former life on their bases such as molding marks or small chips.

Measures: 14" H x 4.5" wide
Middle finger is approximately 3" high
Wrist: About 7.5" so you will need an extender for smaller bracelets, put this in the back and photograph from the front!!!
Fingers are FAT, probably can’t hold rings unless they are adjustable like the photos.

Look how nice they look in a store display , courtesy of my customer in Germany.
These were in use for some time until retired. Some may have some dirt or grime on underside of base where it was attached to the machine. The base is the only thing not glazed. If any have smudges or grease on the outside, they can easily be cleaned with soap, and water.

Pickup in baltimore 21214
Or, shipped anywhere in usa for $6.95

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